Termon Hallows

A sanctuary for wayward souls and the lost


Yuno Mori


Cody LarksonJeuno Batallia
Activities DirectorHead of Security

The Manor

Mateus - Shirogane - Ward 7 - Plot 16

The stronghold of Termon Hollows is a place for the broken, forgotten and discarded to find refuge. Those who gather here are unwanted by the rest of society and have found a home within the generous arms of its owner Yuno. Be their salvation through employment, patronage or another means, the doors to Termon Hollows will always be open to all.

Main Floor

Foyer, Bar and Lounge Areas

Bottom Floor

Cafe, Dining and Stage

Resident and Guest Amenities

Private Rooms, Library, Medical Room, Training Room and Laboratory


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Application and Rules

General Rules:

  • Always use common courtesy and respect when interacting with other members. We are all people here. Treat others with kindness and respect. We are a LGBTQIA+ friendly group. No bullying or harassment of any kind will be tolerated. If you have any concerns or issues, please reach out to one of our officers.

  • We do not condone drama between our members. IC drama can be fun, but OOC drama can ruin the fun of the game. By undermining a person, name-calling, or otherwise is construed as drama and won’t be tolerated. Don’t do it.

  • Public RP: We ask members to always be aware that their public actions can and will reflect on the FC tag above their head. While we do not wish to dictate anyone’s roleplay, being a member of an FC means that you agree to take on representation of our mission and embodiment of our people. We ask that all members be aware when speaking OOC, participating in IC public acts, and communicating in PVE/PVP to be mindful of this. Your actions dictate how we are seen as a whole.

  • ERP should be kept in private chats. (Party, Private Linkshell, Tells, Discord DMs)

  • Do not let OOC predispositions carry over into IC interactions or vice versa. The person behind the screen is not the same person as the character they play. While you will not be reprimanded OOC for IC actions, please remember that IC actions do have IC consequences.

  • New members will have a 30 day trial period. Each player who has been a member for more than 15 days, and has been through their IC initiation, may have their alts in the FC. Please come to the FC lead or one of the Officers with any further inquiries.

Discord Specific Rules:

  • NFSW Channels: Soft NSFW pictures or art must be posted in NSFW channels. Hard NSFW content must be posted with the spoiler tag in the NSFW channels. No underage characters, including Lalafell characters. Self-Assigned role must be selected to view these channels.

  • Voice Chat: While in general hang out push to talk is required. You can edit the keybind under settings > voice and video. Chat Channels 2 and 3 are open mic for RP and running content.

  • There is no discussion of politics or topics related to hot-button events. We recognize that we all come from differing backgrounds and that no matter what, we’re here to play the game we love.

  • An officer has the right to end any topic or ask a member to leave the discord Voice channel at any time. No questions asked.

  • If you feel you’d get in trouble with your boss for looking at something (on purpose, or accidentally) then it is NSFW. -If you have even the slightest feeling something might be too risky to post, use the NSFW channel.

  • If you feel a reply or topic starter might be too close to breaking the politics/harassment/bigotry rules, don’t post it. Or ask an officer first.

If you agree to follow our rules, please feel free to apply below! We welcome everyone to join! You do not need to join the FC in order to participate in Termon Hallows.